Our values as a brand

About us? What do we do? Where are we going? But above all: what are our values? In this article we will explain our ethics and why we  have chosen to communicate what we believe in, in addition to our products.

A premise before starting:

Our corporate identity is fluid, always evolving. There is never a point of arrival, this pushes us to constantly question ourselves and grow.


Our hangers are unique in the market, as is our communication.
We want to send you a clear message: jump in! Surely there will be obstacles and criticism, but it will be worth it.  Those who support us get out of the routine and become the protagonist of an adventure to be discovered.


No one is excluded on this trip. We are always open to new ideas, inspirations and advice.
The fact is that as different as we are, we are all the same. With self-irony, empathy and some mistakes we like to remember it in our days at the office.


Laughter is good, not taking yourself too seriously is the secret to good health! Our hangers are a serious matter, but that doesn't mean we can't joke about them. 
If you follow us on Instagram and TikTok, you know how much fun we have with the best cold.
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Optimism is an airbag to the harsh reality. You can decide to continue staying inside the box or start dreaming. No one believed in us when we started our business, but then with time the satisfactions came! Always believe in what you do and face it with a smile.


We like to innovate, create things that don't exist yet. Of course, some projects fail, but others come to life and arrive in your homes. We are always grinding ideas to understand how to improve day by day. 
Obviously, such people attract. That's why most of our customers are so-called "early adopters", i.e. people who embark on new  adventures and experience the new possibilities of the market first.

If you liked the article, we invite you to take a walk on our site. Now that you know us a little  more, can you see these values between the lines?