The most absurd phrases you told us at the design week

We wanted to collect the best judgments issued during our events or temporary, in this case the FuoriSalone in Milan.

In June 2022 we participated in our second design week, our stand was in Via Tortona at the Officina 14 space, did you come to visit us?

For us it was the first "real" time without all the problems related to covid and we returned home happy and full of enthusiasm because you welcomed us with your heart in the cold city of Milan.

We wrote some episodes that really happened and we laughed a lot, today we dedicate this article to you and we try to answer you in tone.

"Ah but they are knobs!"

This is the typical phrase of the middle-aged lady as she whispers secrets unknown to her friend's ear. No one knows exactly where her divine intuition comes from, but after twenty minutes of trying to explain to her that they are hangers without any result you find yourself in the mouth a "Yes, lady is right."  Because only she knows the truths of existence and also knows that she will not buy any of your products.

"I already understood what I am"

Followed by: "I already know how to install them"

Trust us, you don't know. In the meantime we are waiting for your SOS message on WhatsApp business while you have a crying crisis in front of your radiator.

"I have underfloor heating"

You always tell us this, every time we breathe. We have not yet understood the connection but we rely on your engineering skills. In the meantime, we just wanted to remind you that our hangers can be installed not only on radiators but also on the  wall, plasterboard and metal surfaces  (with the magnet). However, we will ask our development and research section to delve into this fetishism for floors.

"So much are plastic!" and run away

Every time you say this phrase a pottery craftsman dies a little.

"Don't you have anything red, green, light blue, dove yellow, blue over Po Pavese, white bride in August?"

We are not the Winx unfortunately.

"I want this..." going away.

Love is a difficult thing, we understand it. We will wait for you until you decide between us and Pamela, but only until the seventh season. We believe in the fact that you can resurrect as in the best TV series.

We hope you liked this article, if you told us one or more of these phrases do not worry, indeed, thank you because you made us have a good laugh.

We are waiting for you as always on social media or on the other articles of our blog! See you soon.